The NXT 6

There are going to be 6 picks to be drafted to the main rosters come tonight from Raw. Although there seems to be some confusion on whether or not teams count as 1 pick or 2, fortunately for all of us, Lance Storm is yelling at everyone and implying the populace’s illiteracy that they don’t understand that 6 picks does not denote 6 people. That being said, lets take a look at who I think the 6 picks should be, bearing in mind realism and not just “Nakamura #1!!!!” fantasy booking. 

6. Nia Jax 

Nia’s gimmick has 2 parts. First, she’s the Rock’s cousin, and second, she looks like a female Rikishi. I guess that’s good enough for a call up after putting together absolutely horrible performances in NXT and barely being carried to a decent match by perhaps the greatest female on the entire roster, but the rumor is that WWE has her slated for the main roster. The idea here is obviously an Awesome Kong / Kharma type monster push without all the mental instability. Not the pick I would make, but I guess Regal didn’t hide her well enough and Vince caught wind that one of the Rock’s cousins was in the area. I personally would call up Alexa Bliss but that’s just me. The other issue is that the women’s roster in WWE looks heel heavy, but if Sasha Banks wins at SummerSlam, I guess it could be all right. 

5. Cien 

This one is more out of necessity than anything else. The former La Sombra is floundering in terms of crowd reactions in front of hardcore fans. This isn’t helped by the fact that he dresses like a giant douche and looks like he needs to get punched in the goddamn face. Cien was one of the bigger signings that hardcore fans were excited about, but his debut on NXT has been less than stellar. Although I think it’s smart to keep him away from a mask (even though I personally think tales of his attractiveness are significantly overrated) they need to abandon ship and call him up. The thing about Cien is that he fits the mold perfectly of what WWE wants in a Latino superstar. He’s allegedly good looking, works great and carries himself like a star. As long as they avoid a Del Rio style disaster, he can be a major player and at minimum a great IC title holder and headline Latin market shows. 

4. American Alpha

These guys are proof that what got over in the 80’s will still get over now. 2 white meat baby faces, semi-patriotic, athletic all Americans. The crowd responds and as long as their in ring is taken seriously, they can afford to be goofy in promos and angles which isos because Vince makes everyone goofy at a certain point and the key to success is to be able to survive while maintaining your overseas. These guys can do it and will be multi-time tag champs for the next 5 years. 

3. Tye Dillinger

The long time NXT / developmental is getting me got the age where it’s now or never and NXT crowd reaction is indicating that it’s time to pull the trigger. Tye will never be a world champion and he’s adequate at best in the ring but his “perfect 10” gimmick is easy to get behind and he can feature heavily in angles without appearing out of his element. He would be great as a mid cars gatekeeper, the guy young talent have to beat to get a shot at the U.S. title. 
2. The Revival

These two are another example of a good, old school gimmick that still works in the modern era. Souther brawlers who get heat in classic ways and with a classic move set. With the brand split, new “unit teams” are a premium commodity and like Alpha, they should never be split. Dash and Dawson would be great as multi-time transitional champions, the guys who cheat the faces out of their belts so that another hot face team can win them later. These guys could possibly be a non-hardcore version of the heel Dudleys. 

1. Finn Balor

I am a firm believer that Balor should have been called up months ago. I think staying in NXT is a clear example of booking mismanagement and it’s obvious that waiting for “the perfect time” is going to bite WWE in the ass. At this point, Balor will be fighting an uphill battle on the main show, even more so if he gets drafted to RAW where he will no doubt just flounder in the Cruiserweight division (which deserves its own fucking post). The crowd really wanted to see him hook up with the Club, but at this point, it may be wiser to keep them apart, but I’d be lying if I said that a Balor/Styles match wasn’t a potential dream match for many. Draft Balor to smackdown, and let him debut with his paint at SummerSlam. 


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